Student Clubs

The MIC supports several cultural clubs and associations that add to the diversity of Dixie State University. All our clubs have weekly meetings, and students are welcome to join at any time. Check below for meeting times, locations and contact info for each club.

Black Student Union

Meeting Time: Every other Wednesday 4:00 pm Meeting Location: Rm 210, Browning Website: Blazerlink

LGBTQ Student Association

Meeting Time: Mondays 5:30 PM Meeting Location: Rm 469, Holland Website: Blazerlink, Facebook

Dixie Hispanic Student Association

Meeting Time: Every other Wednesday 4:00 p.m. Meeting Location: Rm 210, Browning Website: Blazerlink

Native American Student Association

Meeting Time: Wednesdays 5 p.m. Meeting Location: Rm 210, Browning Website: Blazerlink

Pacific Island Student Association:

Meeting Time: Every other Friday 5:00pm Meeting Location: MIC office Website: Blazerlink

Pagan Ideology

Meeting Time: Sundays 2:00 pm Meeting Location: Browning Resource Center    Room 210 Website: Blazerlink, Facebook