Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin the process of becoming a college student?

The process of becoming a college student begins with an application, which includes testing, choosing and registering for classes, orientation, registration and buying books. Please review our requirements for entering Dixie State University.

How much does school cost?

If you are eligible for in-state tuition, the cost for a full-time student (a person taking between 12-20 credits) for the 2017-2018 academic year is $2,540 per semester. Out-of-state tuition is $7,274 per semester. Students should also be aware of the costs of books, housing, food and any other associated costs. Details of costs can be found in registration.

I am an undocumented student. Am I eligible to come to college?

Yes. Individuals with an undocumented immigrant status are eligible to attend Dixie State University, however, most are required to pay out-of-state tuition and are not eligible for state or federally-funded financial aid. Utah does have a law that allows some undocumented students to attend a Utah University or university at an in-state rate, although these students are still not eligible for state or federal aid. Please complete this affidavit and submit it to the Registrar’s office to see if you qualify for the in-state tuition rate.

How can I pay for school?

There are many ways to find money for school! The best place to begin is with the U.S. Department of Education. They provide a free application for students seeking federal aid (called the FAFSA, and can be found at in English and Spanish). By completing this application, you may be eligible for federal grants and/or loans. Completing this application may also determine your eligibility for need-based assistance given through Dixie State University. Public and private scholarships are also an excellent way to fund your education. Please visit our scholarship page and the DSU Financial Aid office for more assistance.

I graduated from high school in another country. What do I have to do to study at Dixie State University?

You will need to follow the steps outlined in the Checklist for Entering Freshmen.

Who can I ask for help to choose classes?

There are academic advisors available 5 days a week to assist you in choosing classes. They are located in the Advisement Office on the ground floor of the Holland Centennial Commons. You may also come to the MIC and we are more than happy to assist you with class selection. We have three advisors who work at the MIC to assist you.

Is there help available if I am struggling in my classes?

Yes. There is a Tutoring Center and a Writing Center on campus which provides tutoring services in math, science and writing. The Tutoring Center is located on the fourth floor of the Holland Building. The Writing Center is on the fifth floor of the Holland Building. Also the MIC will be providing tutors from the MIC to all students in various subjects. Please also speak with the instructor of your course. They are usually the best resource for help.

What services does the MIC provide?

The MIC provides DSU students with scholarship and financial aid assistance, class selection and other academic advising, social activities, cultural club participation and diversity-related counseling. We also conduct University-preparatory workshops for multicultural high school students and their families.

Does Dixie offer any ES0L courses?

Yes. Dixie State University currently offers many ESOL courses – The ESOL courses range from intro level to advanced. The courses are listening/conversation, workplace, academic, life, reading, writing and grammar. A more in-depth description is found in the college catalog.

Are there student clubs for multicultural students?

Yes! Currently there are many cultural club on campus. The clubs are organized and governed by the student government. However, the MIC is more than happy to assist any student interested in starting additional clubs or joining existing clubs such as Native American, Polynesian, Black student association and Hispanic/Latino student clubs. See our Student Club Page.  Please come in and talk to us about how to join a club or how to get one started!